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Working with interior design team, Julie Green and Erin Crysdale, along with general contractor FL Construction, this small kitchen remodel job achieved the WOW factor through the use of carefully selected materials, clear design decisions, and excellent craftsmanship. The bamboo full-height cabinets and integrated casework built by local cabinetmaker Anthony Giacomini balance the darker tone Dekton countertops and grey porcelain tile. The sunlit property faces the lagoon at Bel Marin Keys and the statue of the "Will-Leather Goods" logo, pigs on the putting green and art wall by Philip Lynch creates a feeling of whimsical paradise!

2022-02-23 6628.jpg
2022-02-23 6698.jpg
2022-02-23 6734.jpg
2022-02-23 6607.jpg
2022-02-23 6752.jpg
2022-02-23 6745.jpg
2022-02-23 6766.jpg
2022-02-23 6806.jpg
Bel Marin Paradise: Projects
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